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Wedding Mandaps : the place where it all happens

In a wedding, the most holy place is the wedding mandap. Called the vivaha mandap in Hindi, it is a structure that is made for a short period of time. All the holy rituals of a marriage take place under the mandap. After the marriage is completed, the mandap is removed. These are typically the part of a Hindu marriage or a Jain marriage. If you are an Indian, it is highly likely that you have visited a marriage where there was a mandap. Typically, a mandap is square and is decorated.

Ways to make your mandap stand out

In this fast paced world, everything that we do, we try to leave our impression in it. In a wedding, it is not wrong to ask for a mandap that’s unique. A unique mandap would be remembered by all the guests. From here on, we’ll talk about ways to make your mandap stand out from the generic ones.

  • With mandaps for weddings becoming trending in these months, it is no surprise that there are mandaps for sale already available. Go for the ones in sale as it can save up a lot of money.
  • If you want to have a unique mandap design, you need to go through a lot of wedding mandap designs. A wider perspective would help you to pick out the best and most unique options.
  • A unique option you can go for are the wooden mandaps for weddings. Wood can carved out to give any design. Wooden mandaps can produce a royal tone to the wedding and look like a cultural piece. Although the wooden mandaps may cost more, they are worth their price.
  • It is important to check the wedding mandap prices before finalizing a pick. In India, wedding mandaps cost around 60k-100k rupees. This may seem a lot for some people, but its importance should be considers as the wedding mandaps make up an important part of a wedding, both aesthetically and spiritually.
  • You may decorate the mandap with bouquets to give an artistic appearance. Decorating with flowers not only looks pleasing, but it is very unique. You don’t see mandaps decorated with magnificent bouquets everywhere.
  • With the rise of technology, traditional wooden mandaps have been fiber ones. You can look for fiber wedding mandap manufacturers near you and get to know the providers you can get a deal with. The fiber wedding mandaps are reusable and lightweight. With advancement of technology, we have managed to achieve great feats. These are one of them. As the fiber mandaps have just entered the market, they are not very popular. If you use one now, it will turn out to be pretty unique. However, this might not be the case after a few years.

Listed above were the ways which can make your wedding mandap stand out from others. Even if not completely unique, we have discussed some mandaps that are used less widely. In such a highly populated country with millions of wedding every year, it is truly difficult to find completely unique ideas. So it is better to go through the less traveled path always.


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