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Step by step planning and budget for a wedding

It is a big task to organize weddings. The season has come where there will be numerous weddings lined up. You may have a wedding in a family as well. Before organizing a wedding, you need to go through several things. One of the main calculations are done regarding the budget. It is of utmost importance to have a budget decided beforehand. We’ll help you go through some major items that you will need along with the budget required to avail those services.

Major décor items required

In order to set the mood for the reception, you need to start from the gate for entry. You can search up the wedding fiber gate price along with designs for wedding gates online. There are ample resources to do so. After looking at the numerous wedding gate designs, you can choose a one of your desire. Fiber wedding gates have recently gained popularity and are on high demand now.

After the gates are decided, you need to get inside the hall to place where the fiber wedding stage will be placed. You can choose from a lot of options on fiber stage designs both online and offline. With the higher demand for these, many wedding fiber stage manufacturers have opened up in India. Out of those, the best designs and top quality products are made by wedding fiber stage manufacturers in Saharanpur. The fiber stages are priced at affordable rates and do not burn a major portion of the budget. The fiber stage is generally put in a place where there is a proper view of the hall. It should also be kept in mind that all the guests should be able to get a proper view of the bride and groom on the fiber stage.

For decoration of the fiber stages

With the numerous photos and decoration ideas provided on the website, it will be tough to decide a décor. After deciding it, you can buy the matching items and bouquets one by one. Completing the decoration is like a puzzle. Every piece holds it’s value. In the end, all the small parts fall in together to create a magnificent atmosphere. That is all that everyone aims to have in a wedding. There are numerous fiber stage designs to choose from.

The cost of a wedding hall

Depending on the part of the country you are, wedding halls differ in the prices. A wedding hall in expensive metro cities would be a lot higher than smaller towns and cities. In cities like Delhi or Mumbai and Kolkata, wedding halls can cost you up to 4 lakh INR for the wedding night. It also depends on the amenities and facilities provided by the hall and the size of the hall. Bigger halls cost more. Due to high demands during the wedding season, it is always better to book a desired hall beforehand. Booking earlier costs less and gets the most important part of a wedding secured and safe. In smaller areas and towns, you can get decent wedding halls for under a lakh rupees for a night. The halls do not include decoration charges and food. However, the parking of the guest’s vehicle are taken care of by the hall management.

How much beforehand should we buy the décor?

Booking the hall 2 months prior to the wedding is a wise decision. However, you don’t need to rush every other item. Other props and décor can be taken care relatively later. Bouquets and flowers should be put as late as possible since it need to be fresh. Fresh flowers glow different.

Where does the rituals take place?

The wedding rituals will take place inside the hall under the wedding mandap. The mandap is an enclosed area where a priest would recite mantras to complete the religious rituals needed in a marriage. You can search fiber stage gate designs online, if you prefer an enclosed stage. The enclosed stages keep privacy and prevent the stage from being overcrowded.

This article was written aimed at anyone who is getting ready to host a wedding. We know how much of a hustle it is for everything to go smoothly. We have listed the priorities you need to sort out before time runs out. We sincerely hope this article helps you in some way for the planning and management for the wedding. We are committed deliver  quality wedding entry gate design with price.

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