Wedding Chairs

Wedding chairs : one of the most in demand items in a wedding.

With weddings right around the corner, most people are busy getting articles they need for the wedding. One of the most important items required in a wedding are the chairs. With so many people looking for them right now, there is a shortage of wedding chairs everywhere. However you can still look for wedding chairs here. There are some serious planning you need to do about getting the required number of chairs. This may be a tedious process to start with, however you need to get over with this as fast as possible. Here are some of the ideas about chairs that we would like to share with our readers.

Types of chairs you need

In a wedding, mainly two types of chairs are purchased. A pair of wedding chairs for couples are kept in a stage for the newly wed couple to sit in the day of the reception. Here the couple interacts with all the guests and family members on the grand occasion. While purchasing the ones for the couple, make sure of the following:

  • Go through a lot of options to choose the best model. There are lots of models available in the market. It is for the best that you take a look at many models and choose the one you desire the most.
  • Check the prices everywhere before checking out and buying hastily. Time is of essence, but wasting money by paying extra without a reason is foolishness. The best case scenario for you is to find a wedding chair for sale. Sales usually go live during the marriage seasons. The websites have high traffic due to high demand. So it is recommended to buy in a sale as fast as you can. You might be too late if you wait for a long time.
  • While buying the chairs for guests, go for a wholesale dealer. Wedding chairs have wholesale prices lower prices than the sales too. Since you would be needing these in masses, it is suggested that you go for a wholesale deal. These can be generic or designer, but purchasing in masses reduce the price a lot. This would help up open up some budget for other parts.

Potential prices

You should be aware of the prices in the current market before buying a wedding mandap chair. In India, marriage chair prices are around 15-20k rupees. However these fluctuate during the marriage season as the demand goes through the roof. For this very reason, the wedding chair prices in India tend to be higher during the marriage season. It is also hard to get and are usually sold out. So, we would suggest that you get these as early as possible and get a major burden off of your shoulder.


Lastly, you should browse through a lot of wedding chair designs. Due to urbanization everywhere, designer chairs have reached all of India. People marry once in their lifetime and want everything to be perfect. Then it is a common desire to have the best chairs at the reception. This makes the wedding chairs an important aspect of a wedding and sets the mood.

With everything set, a proper arrangement should be decided to put the chairs in. A proper theme of chairs with a complementing arrangement sets up to tone for a grand occasion. Other than giving rest to tired legs, the chairs play a significant role in setting the mood of the party. We hope this article, on wedding chairs, have cleared some of your doubts and aided you in the process of selection.


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