Fiber Wedding Stages

All you need to know about wedding fiber stages 

You know the wedding season is here when items like fiber stages and mandaps start to become trending. Online shopping, being a lot mote easier than the crowded offline markets, attract more people towards it. Shopping for most of the items online save up considerable amount of physical labor. One of the biggest pros of buying such items online is the efficient delivery of the item.

Traditionally, wooden stages were used in Indian weddings. With the advancement of technology and methods, fiber wedding stages have taken the market by storm.

One of the most trending type of stages are the jaimala stage. The fiber jaimala stages are priced at around 20,000 rupees per set.

To tackle the increasing demands, Uttar Pradesh based Golden Décor has come up with these on it’s website. You can browse through multiple fiber stage designs to select the one you appreciate the most. The website is loaded with fiber wedding sets with price and fiber decoration items with price being listed throughout the site.

Before buying an item from an online store, it is your right to know about the manufacturer.

Golden Décor: a pioneer in fiber items

Golden Décor is a relatively new brand to launch nationally. However, it has dominated the market in it’s hometown and had a monopoly for years. To further expand their business and offer the services throughout the country, the brand started creating it’s online presence and has now been dominating that space too with it’s high-quality items. They have successfully cemented the reputation for being one of the best fiber stage manufacturers in India.

Initially, Golden Décor started out as a wedding fiber stage manufacturer in Saharanpur. With time the company wanted to grow it’s business. This is when the brand started building it’s online presence. The aim was to provide wedding fiber stages in India. With the dominance this company has in the market currently, it is safe to say that the aim set by it has been completed successfully.

With so much demand in the market for the items, it is not possible for a single brand to fulfil the needs of everyone. This has led to many companies joining the market. All of the companies provide similar products. To gain upper edge, new models are launched every now and then. So it is of utmost importance for us to provide latest wedding fiber stage designs on the website. Although many companies try to create completion in the market with their own products, it has not been easy for them to leave their mark. Golden Décor has held it’s place firmly as a market leader in this field and hope to continue doing so.

Prices to get decent stages

Depending on what size you need the stage to be, a price can be decided. An average fiber stage for weddings would cost you around 10,000-20,000 rupees. This does not represent the exact price. It’s  just a range provided to give you an idea of the prices.

Important decision to consider before buying

Before checking out and paying the price, check the size according to your need only. You can hamper the reception by getting a wrong size of stage. However attractive may the deal be, you should always go for the only size that has been decided for the party. People tend to get more excited while buying stages as they are attractive and end up spending more money and getting items that were not needed initially. Managing the budget properly is the most important aspect while organizing a wedding reception party. 

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