Bridal & Groom Entry

How to make the bride and groom entry unique from other weddings? 

On the day of the wedding ceremony, when the guests have arrived and are waiting for the bride and groom entry, it is the most exciting and anticipated time of the event. Everyone wants to do something unique to etch the moment in everyone’s memories for a lifetime. This can be achieved by out of the box thinking and doing something that is not done in every wedding. Listed below are some unique ideas and things you should assure during the ceremony.

Decide a design and plan

For the bride and groom entry design, think of some unique designs and passage ways for the bride to be and the groom to be. These may be decorated with flowers and stuff to look unique. This is the moment from where everyone’s attention is on the bride and groom. So it is important to get the attention by a unique decoration that would be remembered for a long time.

Palkis can provide a unique style


Traditionally, palkis were used by Indian royal families as a carriage for their women while travelling. It was also used to send the daughters to their marriage. Bridal palkis were more decorated and spacious than the ones used for travelling. This was due to the fact that a marriage has been a grand occasion for centuries, even for the kings. Palkis usually are carried by a minimum of four men with the handles provided. In the middle there is a cube like cell in which three to four men or women can sit comfortably. Traditionally, wooden palkis have been used for wedding purposes. However, to make it lighter and easy to carry, fiber palkis for bridal entry have been introduced. You can search up the prices of bridal entry palkis online.

Now of you’re wondering at what amount you can get one, you have come to the right place. To start from smaller palkis for entry level, the price starts at 20000 rupees. However, depending on the detailing and size of the palki, it can be bought for up to 80,000 rupees. It always depends on your budget. You can get the one that fits in your budget after browsing through various models. An average sized palki for bridal entry costs around 35 thousand rupees. This should have cleared out any doubts regarding the prices.

Palkis may also be used for the entry of the groom though it is not popularly used. To get better deals online, you may wait for the right time to get a wedding palki for sale. During sales the prices drop massively and you get to save a lot of money on a single item. This is why more and more people select the wedding palki design they want and wait for a sale to start. This helps to save money and use it somewhere else. One downside of sales is that they go live just before the wedding season and are sold out very fast. If you are not fast enough, you may miss out a chance to get one.

This brings us to the last point of this article. Without depending on sales to go live, it is better to know the palki manufacturers near you. If you are able to know a palkimanufacturer, you may get one for a price even lower than what you get in sales. This is the advantage of grabbing one directly from the factory. However the transportation duties need to be taken care off by you. These are the most important things that you should keep in mind if you want to do something unique in the wedding party and use a palki.

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