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Living room : the place that sets the mood of the house 

The living room is a place in a house that holds special memories for everyone. It’s a place where the family gets together and spends quality times. The living is the place where most of the memories are made. This makes it an important part of the house. This makes everyone want to put the best living room furniture out there in their beloved spaces. Over the past few years, wonderful designs have emerged in the genre of home furniture. With more people wanting to have a more decorated house, the designs of furniture and interior has increased manifold. If you have decided to buy living room furniture in India, then this article is meant for you.

An underrated place to get the best furniture online

If you’re looking to buy furniture in 2022, the best option for you to opt to is getting stuff online. It massively reduces physical labor and confusion. It reduces your chances of getting scammed by the seller. The platform we recommend you to at least visit is the Golden Décor online store. Here you can check out the best living room designs and get ideas about living room interior designs. Having a visual map in your mind about a decoration can hugely enhance the chances of you pulling off a better design. Living room furniture sets can come in a variety of prices depending on the type of furniture you choose. Different types cost different amounts. Below is a brief discussion about the different types of furniture that you can get for your living room. 

What different types of living room furniture are out there?

To be precise and answer this question, there are various types available in the current market. However, we can help you get through those options with brief points about each.

Carved living room furniture available 

Generally made out of wood and hand carved by craftsmen, these are a royal option to go with. Designs and patterns are carved out on wood to make these furniture. It takes a lot of precision and mastery over your skills to land a breathtaking piece of furniture like this. Carved living room furniture cost around 10,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees.

Royal living room furniture design

Inspired by furniture used in palaces by kings and emperors centuries back, these products resemble the royal looks of those furniture. Royal sofa sets for living rooms can be very expensive as it has to be precise to finer details. They cost over a 100,000 rupees and can be as high as 700,000 rupees.

Luxury furniture living room furniture

There is not much to emphasize on luxury furniture for living rooms because it is a variable item. A luxury furniture may look overwhelming or have a minimalistic outlook. It completely depends on you, the buyer. Based on statistics, an average luxury sofa set costs around 1.5 lakhs rupees.

Designer living room furniture latest models

This is the most modern out of all the options mentioned earlier. Although people love a vintage vibe to their living rooms, designer living room furniture has been moving up the pecking order for quite some time now. Most of the designer models go well with the modular approach that most households have. With the rising popularity of apartments among people, it is no wonder people are choosing designer models over others as they go well with modern houses and complement its surroundings. It has been a major part of modern living room furniture.

Consider these while getting living room furniture

If you have the right theme and decide to get a wooden set, the go through many wooden furniture designs for the living room as you might get a better design after a thorough search. Living room furniture designs are the most important thing to look out for while purchasing since things are evolving at a faster pace nowadays. Newer models are being introduced every now and then. People tend to avoid older models and get more attracted to newer ones. With so many genres in one field, it gets difficult to choose the right. Even luxury carved furniture for living rooms have made it into the market to add more versatility.

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