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Bedroom furniture: necessity after a wedding

After a wedding is completed, the newly wed couple is generally gifted with new bedroom furniture and décor items. These items are used to decorate their new room from where they start a new journey in life. Although it is no rule to gift such items to newly weds. However, it has now become a part of the culture to show you good intent to a happy married life. There are various type of items in this genre you can think of gifting. As the wedding season has already started, we have deemed it the perfect time to write about the items involved. This article does just that.

Bedroom furniture: ideas and price

One of the most important and most useful items are bedroom furniture. If you are looking for a bedroom furniture manufacturer from where you can shop online, look no more. Golden Décor is a platform that will be ideal for you in such a situation. They are reputed for their quality products.

Before buying, it is natural for you to want to browse through different bedroom furniture designs. If you visit the official website of Golden Décor, you will get many designs to choose from and different type of items to help you clear you confusion and help you decide.

If you want to buy bedroom furniture sets, you will find many options and prices for the item. There are different items available, so there are different type of prices involved. In the following parts, we’ll briefly discuss about the full bedroom furniture set price.

You may want to buy an organizer for all bedroom articles like accessories, makeup, clothing, books, etc. These are highly useful and provide a value in everyday life. It is a simple furniture, yet very useful. These cost around 20,000 rupees.

Another prominent aspect about a bedroom is the bed. It is after what the room is named literally. While getting beds, there are different qualities of them involved. Engineered wood beds cost less and have less durability. They cost around 10-15k rupees while superior teak and sheesham wood beds cost more. The teak wood beds cost around 70,000 rupees. The durability of the teak beds justify it’s  price to every penny.

Best wood to make beds

Beds are made from different type of wood from different trees. However, every material is not a good material. Some materials stand out from others. Three such materials are the engineered wood, sheesham and teak. Engineered wood is inferior among the three. Sheesham wood beds are ideal for everyday use for a long time. This is why they are one of the most purchased. You can also consider teak wood with similar characteristics. You can look up for teak wood bed designs on the website for better ideas and a different perspective.

Beds providing a different vibe than traditional ones

People want to be unique with everything they purchase. Beds should not be an exception and they are not one. People often tend to be more attached to buying beds that are more modern and different from plain traditional beds. You can browse through carving bedroom furniture, designer bedroom furniture and antique bedroom furniture at the website. Antique bedroom furniture provides a unique ambience to the bedroom, adding a royal atmosphere to the room. You can also consider getting luxury beds. There are various luxury bed designs to get if you look thoroughly. These are the main types of beds that people tend lean towards instead of getting a normal traditional bed. However, you should buy the item according to your need and budget. The size should be decided after considering the size of the room. A big bed in a small room makes it look very compact while a small bed in a big room makes it look empty.

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