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Catering in Indian weddings

When it comes to Indian weddings, you know there will be a huge number of mouth-watering delicacies. Indian weddings are known for the delicious food they offer. Some people show excitement more towards food than the wedding itself. Serving hundreds of guests in one night is not an easy job especially when it holds such high standards. So catering services are hired in most weddings. These services provide people to serve the food to the guests during the reception or oversee the buffet counter. For this, you need to do proper arrangements before the wedding.

Types of catering services available

There are mainly two types of services that caterers offer. The traditional way of serving food to people seated at tables have been followed for decades. However in recent times, the demand for buffet services have gone up. Buffets are typically where a large serving of food is kept on the buffet counter from where you can take your own food with spatulas. This is an efficient self service technique. This has been in trend for a long time now and most wedding opt for holding a buffet. However to hold a buffet, you need a few arrangements to be done. One such important item is the catering counters.

Types of catering counters available in the market

Catering counters, being an important part of a wedding, have been produced for decades. Traditionally, wooden catering counters were used in weddings. However, with the introduction of metal catering counters, services have opted to use those instead of wooden counter.

Catering counters : types and models

When it’s a wedding reception, every item should be grand and decorated. Catering counters are no exceptions. Plain counters won’t complement the ambience of a wedding party. So there are plenty of catering counter designs available in the market. Catering counter displays are used to focus on the table and produce an aesthetically pleasing view to the guests. If you are wondering about catering counter prices, then it’s discussed in the following part of the article.

Buying catering counters online

With massive leaps in technology, we get everything nowadays in a click from an online store. It is no surprise that there is a dedicated website by Golden Décor to fulfill your catering needs in a wedding. With the experienced gain from being in the market for years, Golden Décor has now become one of the leading catering counter manufacturers in Saharanpur. Delivering to thousands of happy customers over the years, it has created a good network of services to ensure a smooth delivery. They offer catering counters for sale on the website which you can visit anytime according to your convenience.

Price of catering counters in India 

If you’re looking to buy catering counters then Golden Décor should be your destination. Price of catering counters in India are around 6000-10000 rupees. Considering the huge importance of the counters and the purpose it serves, the price seems pretty decent. However, before buying, you should consider it’s size and price to get it in your budget. 

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