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About the policies

Listed below are the policies strictly followed at Golden Décor. Keep these in your mind while surfing through the website.

When you leave comments

You may leave comments on the website, your IP address and browser data are collected. This is done to detect spams and reduce inconveniences. Through your comment, other users may be able to view your display picture.

Uploading images

Be wary when you upload images as the image data are collected. Sometimes these images contain location data embedded in them. Try avoiding images with location data.


Cookies are created to save your time and be convenient. When you comment, some of your credentials and e-mail is stored to prevent you from filling those again when you enter. These remain for a year.

However, login cookies will get deleted within two days and cookies saving your screen choices will remain on the database for a year.

Cookies sent when you enter the website are temporary ones and get deleted once you are out of the website. Login cookies are created when you’re logging into your account. If you choose to save your account credentials, they will be stored as cookies for two weeks.

Images and videos embedded from other sites

The website contains interactive images and videos. These will behave in the way the other website has designed it. It will follow the policies of its creator too. These websites may be able to track you and get your info through it.

Where is your data shared?

The data you put is completely safe with us and not shared anywhere. However, if you attempt a password reset, then your IP address and a few details will be sent to your e-mail address.

How long is your data kept?

The comments and media you upload will be retained forever unless you delete it. The personal data that you share in your profile will also be retained unless you decide to delete them. However the data stored can be deleted by you anytime you want or change it. Only data that you cannot change is your username.

Is your data sent to any other service?

Generally, your data is sent through an automatic spam detection service which is a bot anyway. So essentially other than that, it is not sent anywhere.

Your rights over your data

You can ask the company anytime to get a hold of all the data they’re  holding for you. You can also ask to erase the files from their servers unless they hold any legal or administrative value.

Suggested text: Visitor comments may be checked through an automated spam detection service.

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