What is Golden Décor: the brand storming the market?

Be it in the wedding season or not, there are some items in the genre of home décor that you need throughout the year. This is where a brand like Golden Décor comes in. Golden Décor is a brand of Cyberviman Intangibles Pvt Ltd that has rose to popularity recently. With the wedding season around, it has become even more trending due to the high demand. With thousands of happy customers, Golden Décor has become a leading manufacturer of wedding stage. Be it sofas, pillars, panels or stages, they have got you covered. With the most modern models and best quality items, you can never be wrong shopping from the website.

What are the items sold by Golden Décor?

There are multiple items that become crucial while organizing a wedding. If you have organized one, you would definitely know the burden it is to gather every single item. To provide a solution to this problem, Golden Décor has committed itself to provide everything at one place. The items offered are listed below:

  • Wedding sofa set : One of the items that they entered with, are wedding sofa sets. It is one of the most high demand items in a wedding. Newer models are added every now and then to have an updated catalogue of products.
  • Wedding chairs : This is an item required in masses. The golden décor website provides top-notch wedding chairs at attractive prices to its customers.
  • Fiber pillars : Fiber pillars are an important item for the decorations of the hall. If you are looking for Fiber pillars online, then Golden Décor has got you covered.
  • Fiber panels : After fiber pillars, aFiber panel is another item used for decorations. You can look up the size and model you want on the website.
  • Bridal palki entry : Bridal palkis are part of the vast cultural diversity that India used to boast of. It has not been a mainstream option for decades in Indian marriages. However, one can always dream of having a bridal palki entry on their special day. For that, Golden Décor has got your back.
  • Catering counters : Weddings have all sorts of food items being served to guests. These can include starters or mock tails. Main dishes are also served through counters in many cases. These catering counters are available in the website. You can browse through different models.
  • Display counters : These act as decorative props. There are a few display items that can be put on displaycounters. These have lights in it to focus on a single area to highlight it. These can be important in themed weddings where the decoration is done in a specific theme.
  • As you can see clearly in the list above, Golden Décor is known to provide all types of wedding stages and setups. Themed weddings have become popular among the youth. The items required in most popular themes can be hard to bring together. But here, you can buy all the items required at a single place. If you are within designated areas, you can get professionals from the company itself to install all the items. This has reduced the burden of many busy organizers out there. This is one of the core reasons why this brand has been able to cement its place as a market leader in the current market.

Being situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh has helped the brand grow. Some may think of Uttar Pradesh being a backdated state, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Being highly populated, it has provided a push in the fight to gain maximum exposure in the market. Golden Décor is an Uttar Pradesh based company in Saharanpur. Since it’s launch, it has stormed the Saharanpur fiber market as a modern brand with the best offerings. After dominating the local market for some time now, they are aiming to conquer the country with it’s products.

Traditionally, wooden pillars, panels, counters, stages, and mandaps have been used in Indian weddings. However, in the past few years, fiber items, being lighter, have started gaining popularity. The youth is more tilted towards fiber items as they cost less. Other than saving the budget, fiber products are lighter in weight compared to their wooden counterparts. This reduces physical labor a lot. Golden Décor has been eyeing to be a dominant force in the Fiber market before it becomes mainstream. They want to create a monopoly in the market with its outstanding products and the company is on the right track to achieve it.

Being one of the first few brands to offer these services online, Golden Décor has already shownits dominance in the market and is aiming for this wedding season to be its best so far. New items are being added every day to keep the customers coming. To get more details and prices, you can visit their website anytime.



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