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On the day of the wedding ceremony, when the guests have arrived and are waiting for the bride and groom entry, it is the most exciting and anticipated time of the event.

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Fiber Wedding Stages

Traditionally, wooden stages were used in Indian weddings. With the advancement of technology and methods, fiber wedding stages have taken the market by storm.

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Bridal Palki

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Wedding decor: The Aesthetics of a Wedding

We all can agree that wedding decoration items make up an important part of a wedding party or rituals. It adds that bit of touch which sets the mood for the grand event. With once in a lifetime events like these, it is always the best decision to fulfill your desires and decorate everything to your heart’s content. During a wedding the hosts generally go through a wedding décor items online shopping spree. If you are one of them, we are about to introduce you to a one stop solution for all your Décor needs.

How to get the best deals online on wedding décor items?

Nowadays, it is common to prefer online shopping to offline. However, you need to be cautious while shopping online since some platforms tend to charge you more than other. You need to check multiple websites before buying to be sure. To reduce your hassle to a minimum, we recommend you to visit the official website of Golden Décor. The brand has become a top wedding decoration items supplier in India. Once you have opened the site, you will come across various wedding décor items for sale. These sales help you to save money.

About the brand

You might be wondering about the brand we just mentioned. They have been a top player in the market for quite some time now and have cemented their brand image as one of the best wedding décor items manufacturers out there. You can get wedding decoration items at wholesale rates here and have a relaxed time at planning other events and getting the required items. If you have any doubt even after this, you may check out the numerous top reviews that previous customers have written. You are guaranteed to have a flawless experience.

Items you need to consider while planning a wedding

The wedding season is about to kickoff. Many of you may have a wedding to organize. It may be of a family member or a close friend. As auspicious and gorgeous a wedding is from outside, it is the same amount of hard work that goes into planning and preparation. From organizing all the ceremonies and rituals to the reception, it requires a lot of planning and coordination.

Earlier, decorators were hired who provided for the chairs and tables. These were generally low quality items and did not fulfil the desires. However, new organizations and small businesses have emerged to cater to these needs flawlessly. They will help to setup a flawless wedding with all the items required at affordable prices. In this article we will go through some of the most important items that we need to book at the earliest.

Most important items to book earlier for a wedding

When you begin your preparations for a wedding, first you should have a blueprint of the wedding set-up that you desire. After that, you can move on to booking the props and items you would need to decorate.

Out of all the rituals and ceremonies, the most glamorous of them all is the reception were the guests arrive. It is everyone’s dream to have a perfect reception party. There should be an elevated stage where the bride and groom takes seat. It should be placed such that all the guest can easily get a view and is easy to interact with. It should be fulfilled by getting a wedding fiber stage and a wedding sofa.

For the entrance, the passage should be greeted with a marvelous entrance gate at the start. This sets up the mood for a grand occasion. A wedding fiber gate would do perfectly well in a setup like this.

The main rituals of a wedding take place in a mandap which is generally located at the center of the hall. It is where the marriage is completed by a pandit who recites chants to mark the beginning of a marriage. For that purpose, you should get a wedding mandap. If you want to get a theme for your mandap, you can consider getting a bridal palki. Other decorative wedding items like bouquets and chandeliers are also wonderful for decorations. It adds a royal mood for the wedding.

What preparations are needed for the dining hall?

In an Indian wedding, food is one of the most exciting aspects of it. Indian wedding are marked with varieties of delicacies and sweets. It is the responsibility of the host to provide a good dining experience for the guests

To achieve it, we need to have some props as early as possible. The most important out of all is to get a proper catering counter and a buffet counter where all the items will be displayed and served. These should be considered a top priority because the unavailability could cause chaos later.

Other things to consider to have easier planning

So far, we have discussed the things to take care of while planning a wedding. It is impossible to get these things checked if you do not have a proper contact. Nowadays, during the wedding seasons, getting a hold of these items are very tough. Props get booked faster than we imagine. It is always better to get these things through a local manufacturer and exporter. It will be their responsibility to provide with all the goods and items that you require. The firm will also deliver the items before the wedding date. This saves up a lot of energy and work by delivering these. Otherwise you would have spent the major part of planning looking for businesses that would rent out these. But getting it done frees up some space for other parts of the planning and preparation. Work with lesser stress always turns out to be the better work.

This post was aimed to help you get a better understanding on the steps required while planning something as big as a wedding. A lot of props are required ready for one magnificent night. There are no easier ways to organize a wedding than completing few of the tasks beforehand.

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